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Get the skills the international companies want.

SkillSet School brings an exclusive and innovative curriculum aimed at developing on expatriate professionals the soft, social and digital skills required by open job opportunities worldwide.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Discover what emotional intelligence is and why companies are evaluating professionals by their EQ. Learn the types of feelings you need to understand to make a better judgment of all life situations. Determine what type of mindset you have and how this can be used professionally.

Create Your LinkedIn Profile for International Jobs

Learn how to build your new LinkedIn profile as an advert of your skills and personal brand. Make your profile visually appealing and tell a compelling story that will convince your next employer or buyer that you are the product that they want to buy.

Introduction to Business Dress-Code and Presentation

Learn how to dress accordingly on all social and professionals occasions. Use the first seconds of interaction with others to create remarkability. Improve your confidence levels and begin conversations being trusted.

Introduction to Social Media Advertising and Content Review

Use your multiculturalism and identify market opportunities tailored to your country and language. Learn the basics in online advertising and understand how this segment will require a specific skill set. Convert your social media knowledge into a marketable skill.


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