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SkillSet School brings an exclusive and innovative curriculum aimed at developing on expatriate professionals the soft, social and digital skills that international corporations want.

Introduction to Account Executive and Enterprise Sales

Discover how modern salespeople think and how sales teams on multinationals operate. Learn how they use social media to identify prospects and how they deal with their pain points applying charisma and body language techniques to win deals. Enhance the likability upon your profile and reap the rewards of being known and trusted.

Introduction to Accountancy and Corporate Finance

Find out what is needed for you to work in finance and all the segments of a rewarding industry. Learn that with all the automation brought in to accountancy systems, the keen eye of the professional is crucial. Discover how you can help small and medium enterprises with your financial and fiscal skills.

Introduction to Business Dress-Code and Presentation

Learn how to dress accordingly on all social and professionals occasions. Use the first seconds of interaction with others to create remarkability. Improve your confidence levels and begin conversations being trusted.

Introduction to Content Writing and Business English

Learn how to create compelling text, and the techniques you can use to get to the point faster. Establish yourself as a reference in your field by using content to sell what you do best. Show how you will be an essential asset for corporations by using the right vocabulary of your industry.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Discover what emotional intelligence is and why companies are evaluating professionals by their EQ. Learn the types of feelings you need to understand to make a better judgment of all life situations. Determine what type of mindset you have and how this can be used professionally.

Introduction to Entrepreneur Mindset and Governance

Learn that writing a business plan before execution is vital for its success. Master your productivity by eliminating what is not important and sharing tasks with your teams. Become a reference as an entrepreneur, be known and generate trust in the market.

Introduction to Health and Well-being in the Workplace

Learn that company culture is much more than vending machines and free candy. Identify businesses that are a good fit with your personality and aim for that. Be part of the revitalisation of the culture of your company and help them attract and retain the best talent.

Introduction to Hospitality and Client Satisfaction

Discover what is new in the hospitality industry and learn that serving others is not a diminishing job but a rewarding one. Become a professional with people skills and win over automated processed and decision-making. Learn how to mirror the way you like to be served with the way you help others.

Introduction to Human Resources and Recruitment

Set your mindset for a sales meeting and not for an interview believing that you are the product they want to buy. Discover how to sharpen your pitch and use body language routines to impress your next employer or client. Learn the needed skills for you to become a high-performer professional in human resources.

Introduction to International Communities and Mentoring

Learn that leadership has nothing to do with titles and the position you hold in a company. Discover the vanguard practices that global businesses use to keep remote and multicultural teams aligned. Guarantee the performance of your peers by leading by example, cultivating the right mindset, softening your dialogue and using motivational vocabulary.

Introduction to Personal Branding and Social Networks

Discover the nine drivers that make your personal brand and learn how to use them. Explore your problem-solving skills, learn how to pitch what you do, and set yourself apart from the competition. Learn how to use social media to expose yourself and that all the networks must be used as part of your content ecosystem.

Introduction to Social Media Advertising and Content Review

Use your multiculturalism and identify market opportunities tailored to your country and language. Learn the basics in online advertising and understand how this segment will require a specific skill set. Convert your social media knowledge into a marketable skill.

Create Your LinkedIn Profile for International Jobs

Learn how to build your new LinkedIn profile as an advert of your skills and personal brand. Make your profile visually appealing and tell a compelling story that will convince your next employer or buyer that you are the product that they want to buy. Get the benefits of having a problem-solving tagline and impress professionals even before they ask for a connection. Learn how to write your responsibilities and key achievements and discover how you too can use LinkedIn to describe your career, education, projects and volunteer work in the best way. Don't chase for jobs or clients; let your new LinkedIn profile bring them to you.

Build Authority on LinkedIn with Content Creation

Learn how to author and automate problem-solving content directly at the decision and change-makers of your industry. Position yourself as an authority in your field by educating your audience regularly with your content. Discover that LinkedIn is also a social network the same way that Instagram and Facebook are used to find jobs and unlock business opportunities. Learn how to curate, create and re-purpose content in multiple formats, and establish a strong presence on social media without having to buy expensive Ad campaigns.

Unlock Opportunities with Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

Learn how to build authority in online conversations in your industry and attract international opportunities. Grow your LinkedIn connections and followers organically by being personal and accurate. Find hidden opportunities in your timeline and make sure that your audience always reminds about you when they need skills like yours. Explore the company pages and subject matter groups and learn how to make your leads and prospects come after you. Be frequent and remarkable and get the attention of decision and changemakers on LinkedIn.